The Barbie-Pocalypse


This is just the beginning of the end and it is starting with the beloved Barbie doll. When you were growing up Barbie was just an unrealistic expectation of female beauty, but now she is that PLUS the bringing of death upon the world. Ok, I may be being a little dramatic but I have seen a lot of Science Fiction movies and shows that start just like this. Barbie can now hold a conversation with you or your child. There is actually a petition against Mattel

because they claim that it solicits information from a child that can be useful to advertisers. Like age and interests and they worry it could violate the privacy of the family.

It also raises questions about the information that it may discover like “why does my daddy hit me so much” or things like that. Should the doll be able to report things that it hears to the police? Where does the line get drawn. Is this just another step in the future of toys for children or the beginning of the end for humanity Terminator style? You decide. Check out the video after the jump!


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