Your Crying Kid Makes Me Laugh!

This dad found out that all us single people just want to laugh at his kid. Nailed it!

Most toddlers will cry over almost anything, but not all have web-savvy fathers who see their tikes’ meltdowns as a way to have a laugh online. Greg Pembroke, of Rochester, N.Y., has started a Tumblr page, “Reasons My Son is Crying,” devoted to his sons’ temper tantrums.

From tears over a piece of broken cheese, to riding in the car seat, to the volume of “The Hokey Pokey” being turned down from “ear-splittingly loud” to only “mind-numbingly loud,” the adoring dad snaps photos of his 20-month-old and three-year-old boys mid-meltdown and captions them accordingly. The result couldn’t be more hilarious. “They have little meltdowns all the time,” Pembroke told “They just cry for like seven seconds and then are on to the next thing. Anyone that has toddlers or has been around toddlers knows it can be very frustrating. But what I was trying to do is get some humor out of it.”

Lets all have a good laugh!


We put this pillow behind his head so he didn’t hurt himself on the window frame.


I wouldn’t let him drink bath water.



His brother’s boots don’t fit.


I gave him a cup of water.



I turned the volume of The Hokey Pokey down… from “ear-splittingly loud” to only “mind-numbingly loud”.


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