Sip On This 4/3

Today’s Sip On This included a story about how your virtual relationship is making everyone hate you, plus an 8 year old girl has been sent home 24 times this year for what? Find out after the jump!


A new survey asked people if they’re annoyed by virtual displays of affection, like couples posting romantic messages on each other’s Facebook walls.  And about one in four people say yeah, ‘VDAs’ are annoying.

58% of people say they don’t like when people post about breakups online, and 33% don’t like seeing couples referring to each other by their pet names online.

And only 10% of people say they don’t like it when people use a couples photo as their main profile picture.



Krystal Hensley of Washington County, Tennessee has an eight-year-old daughter in second grade.  This school year, the girl has been sent home from school TWENTY FOUR times . . . for SMELLING BAD.

Krystal says, quote, “They just say it’s a foul odor… they send her home at least once a month.  She’s been to a doctor and it’s not a medical problem.  You go to school to learn, not to be sent home.”

Krystal also says her daughter takes a bath every day, but when school officials asked the girl the last time she took a bath or a shower, she said she COULDN’T REMEMBER. The Department of Children’s Services DID investigate the house at one point.  It’s not clear what happened in their investigation, but they say the case is now closed.


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