Sip On This 3/29


Here are today’s Sip On This stories from the Mix Morning Show. Ever got slapped by your mom at school for getting suspended? Find out what mistake this mom made when she tried to do just that to her son. Also 42,000lbs of this odd item were stolen with the intent to sell for up to $200,000. Read the stories after the jump!

On Wednesday morning, 36-year-old Tyshekka Collier got a call from the principal at her son’s school, Fairforest Middle School in Spartanburg, South Carolina.  Her son was getting suspended and she had to come pick him up. And she was filled with that MOM RAGE we all still have nightmares about.

Tyshekka drove to the school, STORMED into the office, saw her son with his head down, and started SLAPPING HIM. There was just one problem.  It WASN’T HER SON.  It was another kid, who was sick and waiting for his mom to come pick him up.

Tyshekka realized it, apologized . . . then walked over to the kid who was ACTUALLY her son and started slapping HIM. She was arrested and charged with disturbing a school and two counts of assault and battery.

That poor sick kid was having a REALLY bad day.

Our streets are safe again.  America’s biggest CHEESE HEIST of the year has been solved.

Earlier this week, 34-year-old Veniamin Balika of Plainfield, Illinois decided to steal a lifetime supply of cheese.  We’re not sure what he was going to do with it, because he clearly did NOT have a buyer waiting.

But he forged some paperwork, went to K&K Cheese in Cashton, Wisconsin, and drove off with a truck containing 42,000 POUNDS of MUENSTER CHEESE.  That cheese has a street value around $200,000.

Then he started transporting the cheese across state lines.  He was finally busted in Bergen County, New Jersey on Monday . . . trying to sell the cheese at a REST STOP off the turnpike. There’s no word on how much he was trying to get for the cheese . . . just that he wanted to unload all 1,135 cases.

He was arrested and charged with receiving stolen property and fencing.


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