Kristen’s Quickies

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It’s perfectly normal for a 19-year-old to adopt a monkey. This couldn’t be bad.

Kristen Bell gave birth to a baby girl yesterday.  She and boyfriend Dax Shepard named their new daughter Lincoln.

There’s a picture going around of Justin Bieber holding a monkey and kissing it on the head.  And some are speculating that he adopted it.

The new “G.I. Joe” movie hits theaters this weekend, with Bruce Willis joining the cast as the founder of the unit who’s called back to duty after the enemy infiltrates our government.  It’s up against “The Host” . . . a sci-fi movie written by “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer . . . and “Tyler Perry’s Temptation”, which includes Kim Kardashian in a dramatic role.

Demi Lovato is coming back to judge another season of “X Factor”.  She says, quote, “I’m so excited to return . . . I look forward to taking my previous experience and applying it to make this season even better.”

Taylor Swift will guest-star on the season finale of “New Girl” on May 14th.  On the episode, she’ll be interrupting a wedding . . . sort of like how she does in her song, “Speak Now”.

Rob Kardashian is having a tough time being out of shape. The 26-year-old went “berserk” after a paparazzo took a photo of him shirtless.  In fact, he was so mad he stole the memory card from the shutterbug’s camera, and now the paparazzo has filed a robbery report.

Maria Shriver’s neighbors are a little fed up with her laziness. The former First Lady of California still hasn’t taken down her Christmas lights, even though it’s March. Neighbors have not approached Maria directly because they don’t want to hurt her feelings.

LeAnn Rimes’ drama-filled life may soon be coming to TV. Gossip Cop reports that LeAnn and hubby Eddie have approached networks about a possible “docuseries about their life together.”  So far there are no other details about the proposed reality show.


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