Would YOU Date Him?

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We love getting letters from our listeners and this one caught our attention! Read Laura’s email and give her some advice.

Hi guys,


So I met this guy on a dating website and he seemed really nice. We went on two dates and I’m on the fence. It’s mostly about his career. He is a makeup artist. And I know what you’re thinking, but no, he’s not gay.

The problem with his job is a couple of reasons: I don’t think it’s the manliest job for a guy to have . . . and the second is when a guy critiques how you put on makeup it’s kind of weird. On the second date he was trying to give me hints on how to apply my makeup certain ways. He is a nice guy but it’s really weird to date someone with a job that is mostly done by women or gay guys.


I trust you guys and your opinion. Would you care if the person you dated had a non-stereotypical guy’s job? Do you think society has advanced beyond judging people by their jobs?


What should she do? What would you do?


Do you date a guy that has a non-stereotypical “guy’s job?” What if your boyfriend had a stereotypical “girl’s job” like a Nanny, hairdresser, or kindergarten teacher? Would you care?


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