Lindsay Lohan Drinking Before Rehab

So…there is NO lockdown rehab in New York and negotiations begin again!

One last hurrah before rehab? Lindsay Lohan is reportedly set to spend time with Charlie Sheen before heading to her court-ordered rehab for 90 days. According to reports, Lindsay will spend today and tomorrow shooting a role on Sheen’s FX series Anger Management, and will then head to Brazil, where she’s being paid in the low six figures to make appearances to promote a clothing line. She’ll have to be back before May 2nd, though. That’s when she must report to an in-patient facility to begin treatment as part of her plea deal to settle charges of a July car accident.

An impending 90-day stay in rehab is not going to stop Lindsay Lohan from getting her drink on. Sources tell TMZ that despite her sentence last week, Lindsay has been drinking a lot. In fact, just hours after her court date Monday she was knocking back vodka sodas at the bar of her Beverly Hills hotel. In addition, over the weekend she was at a San Diego nightclub with a friend, where she sat in the VIP section ordering vodkas all night. She was careful to ask for her booze to be delivered in a glass carafe, this way nobody could tell she was drinking alcohol. Insiders say Lindsay insists she does not have substance abuse problem.

Lindsay Lohan got a bit of good news last week. Reports claim that the Mean Girls star will not be prosecuted for assaulting a club goer in New York this past November. According to the actress’ lawyer, the Manhattan district attorney determined there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Lohan.


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