I Need to Apologize

 photo picresized_1363693007_dpc_apology_zps94380347.jpg

Not sure I trust a hotline with my deepest, darkest secrets.

This is one phone call you won’t regret.  A New York man has set up an apology hotline that invites guilty people to anonymously ‘fess up to their misdeeds without fear of legal implications.  A sign that has been posted throughout the city reads, “ATTENTION Amateurs, professionals, criminals, blue collar, white collar, you have wronged people.  It is to people that you must apologize, not to the state, not to God. Get your misdeeds off your chest! Call APOLOGY *67 (347) 201-2446.”  The man behind the service says that some people don’t have friends, family members or religious communities to whom they can turn when they need forgiveness.  Callers are informed that their confessions and apologies will be recorded and are encouraged not to identify themselves.  So far, New Yorkers have apologized for a variety of offenses, including cheating, stealing, losing their tempers and lying to their partners.


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