Are “Work Spouses” a Good Idea?

 photo picresized_1363690152_f5a0df32e5f8010e0c9f4ed029cb911b_zps460e272d.jpg

If I have several “work husbands” does that mean I am the “office whore”?

A recent column in GQ explores a different kind of office romance- the phenomenon of the “work spouse.”  This is a co-worker of the opposite sex with whom you share a special, close relationship, similar in many ways to a marriage.  Your work spouse isn’t just someone with whom you take your lunch break or pick up coffee with- you tell each other secrets, give advice and offer support.

One survey found that as many as 30% of American employees have a work husband or work wife.  The purpose of the relationship is to “bolster stability and comfort in the workplace,” at least according to columnist Seth Stevenson.  He says that the ideal arrangement involves one married person and one singleton, since two single people is a recipe for a fling instead of a friendship.

Do you have a “work spouse” Is your REAL spouse okay with it?


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