Do Not Upset Him!

 photo picresized_1363263081_louisck_animal_zpsa6334a15.jpg

Louis C.K., pilots and ballerinas. Knock it off.

During a recent special performance at the New York City Center aimed at raising money for his children’s school, Louis C.K. was interrupted at least twice by a female audience member who wanted to let him know she thought his boots were “really sexy.”

Not one to suffer hecklers in silence, C.K. launched into a brilliant impromptu bit about why would-be hecklers should resist the urge to interrupt comedians (and pilots, and ballerinas).

Needless to say, that woman’s boot-complimenting days are over. Check it out but ***BEWARE there is bad language!

I have never had a job where I was heckled at but I have dealt with my fair share of horrible customers/clients.

I remember working as an Assistant Manager at Blockbuster Video when my arch-nemesis from Junior High walked in and wanted to rent a video. I thought it was time to bury the hatchet so I comped his video by putting it on my account and told him “we were cool”. The guy NEVER brought it back and I started racking up fines! My “coolness” towards him vanished and I called his house everyday, leaving him messages to bring it back. I grew SO mad that I eventually closed his AND his parents account! Feel my video rental RATH!


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