My Co-Workers Must Hate Me

 photo picresized_1363005569_Big-Mouth-Employees_zps85c79b33.jpg

I just realized why I don’t have any friends at the workplace.

Last Friday I was getting something off our company printer when I realized what an inconsiderate employee I am. There was a stack of other people’s printed out work and I sifted through them to get mine and just left the rest on the printer instead of taking it to them.

I thought about this more and realized that my rudeness doesn’t stop there! Here is a list of the reasons why I am a terrible employee!

-I walk past trash on the floor instead of picking it up.

-I walk out of the room quickly so I don’t have to have the usual chit chat with my peers.

-If I use the last paper towel in the bathroom, I don’t replace it.

-If someone left something in the microwave and the time is up, I take the food out and put mine in. I should try to find who it belongs to!

-I took the last fork the other day and I didn’t replace them.

I am sure that I could add to this list but I want to hear your stories! What have you done lately to be an inconsiderate employee?

Everyone acts like me right?


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