Setting Your Clock Back Will Cost You!

 photo picresized_1362752161_clock_zps2ae2595b.jpg

This Sunday is the worst day of the year . . . the day we set our clocks ahead, lose an hour of sleep, and make ourselves tired and miserable for a week.

 photo clock2_zps7aa0b1fb.jpg

Turns out the Daylight Savings change also costs us MONEY.  According to a new study, losing just that one hour is going to cost the U.S. $434 MILLION.

That’s based on an estimate of lost productivity, and the costs incurred from the increase in heart attacks and the increase in injuries in mining and construction jobs.

 photo clock_zpsbcfb566f.jpg

Morgantown, West Virginia . . . which is a big mining town . . . has the highest cost of the lost hour per capita.  Changing the time will cost every person in Morgantown $3.38.

The cities with ZERO economic impact are all in Hawaii and Arizona . . . because they don’t participate in Daylight Saving Time.  They may just be on to something.

 photo clock3_zpsbbf1dd7c.jpg


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