These Snacks Need to Come Back!

Feeling nostalgic?

Wishing you could taste a bowl of Oreo-Os just one more time? Wondering if Crystal Pepsi could have been your favorite soda if it had been given the chance? Asking yourself if the side effects of WOW! Chips really were as awful as everyone said they were? Apart from the WOW! Chips (they really were that bad), these questions will have to remain unanswered since all of these culinary masterpieces from the last two decades featured in the gallery above are currently discontinued. Though we hear you can still find Fruitopia in Canada and Australia.

Wow chips (via Tumblr)

Initially popular, these “diet” chips quickly met their downfall when everybody realized that the secret “WOW!” ingredient, Olestra, made consumers rush to the bathroom.

Fruitopia (Keep on keeping on via Tumblr)

Look for Fruitopia in a store near you, if you’re in Canada or Australia.

Sprinkle Spangles cereal (via Tumblr)

These things were like Christmas cookies, but apparently nobody wanted Christmas cookies for breakfast.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cereal (via Flickr)

Who can forget the “ninja nets” that were really just Rice Chex and the turtle marshmallows that turned your milk all green? They were too good for this world. .

Crystal Pepsi (via Flickr)

Let’s be honest, it freaked everybody out.

SqueezeIt fruit juice drinks (via Compass Design

The best part was twisting the cap off. The second best part was drinking 100 percent sugar.

RamenGirl via

The Bubble Beeper is so outdated that the Internet doesn’t even know what happened to it. This wouldn’t have happened to a Bubble Smart Phone.

Ecto Cooler Hi-C (via Johnny

Created as a product tie-in with the cartoon series, “The Real Ghostbusters,” the Ecto Cooler wasn’t supposed to last as long as it did. The show ended in 1991, but this bad boy made it all the way to 2001.

Butterfinger BBs (via Tumblr)

They were “crispety,” “crunchety,” and “peanut-buttery,” and they still couldn’t be saved.

Orbitz beverage (Fujoshi via Flickr)

But those little bubbly things were so much fun!

Dannon Sprinkl'ins (via Tumblr)

This was yogurt’s only chance of being exciting.

Cereal brands (Doc_Brown via Flickr)

Why this cereal didn’t stand the test of time, we can’t figure out. It’s OREOS and MILK people, come on!

French Toast Crunch (The Life of Ebony and Ivory via Tumblr)

This brilliant breakfast item took the Cinnamon Toast Crunch franchise a step further because these little guys were actually shaped like toast! But, sadly, nobody cared. It’s still available in Canada.

Surge (Magnus Kolstad via Flickr)

Rumor has it there’s an online campaign to give Surge a second chance.


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