Nick & Kristen’s Oscar Picks!

Nick and I are from Las Vegas and one of the things we miss about home is not the friends, family or even food! It’s the gambling!

So we thought we would make watching the Oscars fun by placing a big bet!

Since we appear every Monday on WTWO’s Good Day Live! With Julie Hendricks the person with the LEAST amount of right picks will have to wear a shirt of the winner’ chosing! (WHEN Nick loses I am going to make him wear a pink shirt with a big unicorn on it!)

Here are our picks! Follow along with us during the show on Sunday!


(Kristen) Argo
(Nick) Lincoln

Actor in a Leading Role
(Kristen) Hugh Jackman-Les Miserables

(Nick) Daniel-Day Lewis-Lincoln

Actor in a Supporting Role
(Kristen) Philip Seymour Hoffman-The Master
(Nick) Alan Arkin-Argo

Actress in a Leading Role
(Kristen) Jessica Chastain-Zero Dark Thirty
(Nick) Jennifer Lawrence-Silver Linings Playbook

Actress in a Supporting Role
(Kristen) Anne Hathaway-Les Miserables
(Nick) Sally Field-Lincoln

Animated Feature Film
(Kristen) Wreck-It Ralph
(Nick) Brave

(Kristen) Steven Spielberg-Lincoln
(Nick) Ang Lee-Life of Pi

Music (Original Song) 
(Kristen) Suddenly-Les Miserables
(Nick) Skyfall-Skyfall (Adele)

***And as a wild card!

Foreign Language Film
(Kristen) A Royal Affair
(Nick) Amour

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