Is It Me?

I wanted to share with you my experience yesterday and get your opinion.

I had a doctors appointment at 2:25 p.m. I am known for always being notoriously early so I showed up at 2:00 p.m. I knew that meant I would have to wait but I was willing to do it.

Thankfully, I brought a book with me. I got into the story and lost track of time until my eyes finally got tired and I looked at the clock. It was now 3:35 p.m. I couldn’t believe I had been there over an hour! I went to the front desk and asked if they were running behind. They told me there was two people in front of me and then I would be seen.

I sat down to read some more and watched the minutes tick by, growing more and more frustrated. When the clock read 4:05 p.m. I was livid.

Finally a nurse came out and got me. Never once did she apologize for wasting my time which upset me even more.

I thought the wait was over but I was wrong! I ended up waiting in the doctor’s room for another 20 minutes!

I had waited over 2 hours to be seen by the doctor and the whole time I kept thinking, “I should have left!”

Is that how things work now? Should I expect to be treated unfairly? Is it my problem and not the doctors?

How long would you have waited?


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