Kristen’s Quickies

He doesn’t look like this anymore?! Bummer.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel are expecting their first child.  She’s 37, he’s 40.  They’ve been married since 2009.

The site has put out a list 5 Depressing Realities Behind Popular Reality TV Shows . . . and they include things like “No one from ‘The Biggest Loser’ can keep the weight off,” and “Almost every restaurant on ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ goes out of business.”

The “New York Post” claims “X Factor” has dumped Khloe Kardashian, who hosted Season Two alongside Mario Lopez.  There’s no official word.

Michael Jackson’s oldest son, 16-year-old Prince Michael, has lined up his very first job:  He’s now a “special correspondent” for “Entertainment Tonight”.

A Canadian ticket company is suing Taylor Swift because they paid her $2.5 million in advance for a concert that was eventually canceled . . . and she never gave any of it back.  They’re suing for $1.8 million, which is what they had to dole out in refunds.

Beyonce was recently photographed sporting gold nails in promo shots for her upcoming Mrs. Carter World Tour, and they didn’t come cheap. According to reports, the gold nails cost about $900.

A gossip website posted a picture of Miley Cyrus holding her new puppy . . . while sitting in front of a table that’s got what looks like a pile of an illegal substance.


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