Is Valentine’s Day Just For The Ladies?

Chuck Norris thinks that Valentine’s Day is just for the ladies…are you going to argue with him?

I stole this from the Examiner. It’s an interesting article on how Valentine’s Day is not JUST for the ladies. Read it and then let me know if you think it’s true!

We see all the advertisements and hear the comments about how a guy should make a woman feel special on Valentine’s Day. He should buy the necklace, send those flowers, maybe even propose on this special day. Every one of these ideas about how to make a gal feel good is great! I second that motion! But what about the guys? Don’t they get to feel special, too?

Men need to feel appreciated, want to be adored, and will bend over backwards for your affections; so why don’t we treat them special on this day, too?

You can still show him your appreciation by doing something nice for him…without expecting anything in return. Giving with the intent of a receipt means you are doing the deed with the wrong intention. Maybe your guy will come through the next year…or the next week! Maybe he won’t. Either way, something good will come out of your kindness. Most likely, you will see a little more humor and spirit; perhaps even get your relationship back on track.

What I do know is that good brings good, and as long as you are doing something good, you can expect something good in return; in that situation or elsewhere. Go do a good thing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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