Kristen’s Quickies

There could be a movie about a little green man…

TMZ asked Miss Alabama Katherine Webb if she’d pose for “Playboy”, and her answer was a resounding NO.

Beyonce’s publicist called the website, asking them to remove seven pictures from her Super Bowl Halftime performance because they’re, quote, “unflattering”.  Of course all that did was draw attention to them.

Olympic gold medal skier Lindsey Vonn ripped up her knee yesterday after a bad landing at the Alpine World Championships in Austria.  She suffered two torn ligaments, as well as a fracture at the top of the shin bone.  But she’s expected to return in time for the 2014 Winter Olympics.

The annual Most Disliked Athletes survey has been released, and the top two . . . Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’O . Michael Vick is still in the Top 10 at #7.

A movie news website claims that there’s a stand-alone “Star Wars” movie in the works that’ll be all about Yoda. This would be a one-off movie that has nothing to do with the upcoming, third trilogy.

The L.A. County District Attorney has filed legal documents asking that Chris Brown’s probation REVOKED . . . because Chris allegedly submitted BOGUS community service records.  There will be a hearing TODAY, where prosecutors will recommend that he be forced to repeat all 180 days of his community service in L.A.

A Lady Gaga tour rider has hit the Internet . . . and in this one, as hard as it is to believe . . . she makes a lot of ODD REQUESTS.  She requests plenty of Activia, the yogurt that helps you stay REGULAR.

According to The National Enquirer,  Mariah Carey is particularly furious at J.Lo because she’s been secretly coaching Nicki Minaj on how to outshine her on the American Idol panel.


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