Kristen’s Quickies

How was she NOT interested!? Actually…I kinda get it.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may be back together. She apparently spent Friday night together at his house.  Selena was photographed leaving Saturday morning . . . and trying to hide her face

Harry Styles from One Direction celebrated his birthday Friday night by getting a lap dance from a stripper dressed as a cop.

Katie Couric admitted on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last week that she went on a date with Larry King 26 years ago. She eventually told him he was “interesting” and “nice”, but she should find someone her own age.

Amanda Bynes had to move out of her apartment in New York City because of her love of Marijuiana.  Her landlord reportedly terminated her lease because they’ve been getting complaints of smoke coming from her apartment “morning, noon and night.”.

The zombie love story “Warm Bodies” ruled at the box office. It made $20 million to easily come in #1 . . . while Sylvester Stallone’s  “Bullet to the Head” tanked, making just $4.5 million in 6th place.

The two Australian DJs at the center of the Kate Middleton phone call hoax will not face charges in the death of the nurse. Investigators announced they found no evidence to support a potential manslaughter charge.

Penelope Cruz and husband Javier Bardem are expecting their second child later this year.

Christina Ricci is engaged. The actress is set to marry her boyfriend that she met on the now-cancelled ABC show Pan-Am, where he was working as a camera technician.


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