Is It Harder to be a Kid Than Ever Before?

A new study says that kids are under extreme pressure today and they have some methods that might help.

Today’s high school students are under major pressure- they’re expected to get good grades, participate in extracurricular activities and build impressive resumes to get them into top colleges.  But between advanced placement classes, sports, volunteering and after-school jobs, many kids are feeling the strain.

At high schools across the country, officials are noting a rise in stress, panic and anxiety, which experts say has been made worse by the recent spate of school shootings.  Some schools are taking unique measures to lessen stress among students and teach them better ways to cope.

At a school in Maine, students enjoy massage therapy and learn relaxation techniques in dedicated “wellness rooms.”  Another school, in Chicago, brings in therapy dogs to help kids blow off steam.  At high schools from California to Massachusetts, they’re teaching students yoga, giving them breaks between classes and enforcing no-homework nights.

Too bad adult jobs don’t have perks like this!


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