Why Canadians Hate The Super Bowl!

Canadians don’t WANT to hate the Super Bowl…but they do!

Their version of football has three downs, 20-yard end-zones with the goal posts in the front, and players making like $50,000 salaries but they still LOVE to watch the Super Bowl.

But there’s a big problem.  They don’t get our COMMERCIALS . . . which is what most people REALLY want to see.  They get Canadian commercials, which, ya know, don’t really compare.

There are two main options.  One, they find a place where a U.S. feed of the game is illegally streaming online.  Or two, if they live close enough to the border, they can buy a large antenna to try to pick up the CBS broadcast.

They could also wait three minutes and look up the commercials on YouTube, but who wants to wait THAT long?


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