This Celeb Couple Blew Their MILLIONS!

Despite the fact that we all survived the Mayan Apocalypse, many people are still obsessed with being prepared for the end of days.  Known as “preppers” their skills would put any Boy Scout to shame.

Even in urban New York City, there’s a growing community of doomsday preppers who are equipped with so-called “bug out bags”full of gear like emergency food rations, iodine pills, maps, flashlights, water purification tools and first aid kits.  Crazy as it sounds to keep a knapsack full of supplies in case of an alien attack, experts say these paranoid preppers had the edge during Hurricane Sandy.

Then again, preparing for impending doom isn’t always a good idea- reality TV “stars” Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag recently told a British tabloid they blew $10 million on frivolous spending because they believed the Earth was going to be hit by an asteroid and destroyed in 2012.


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