Mix Bowl 2013

Yeah there is the Superbowl for your eyes, but for your ears me and Kristen decided to compete against each other in the first ever MIX BOWL!  The MIX BOWL consisted of 3 small challenges to be done in 20 seconds or less and the person who won the most wins it ALL! First challenge was the Chubby Bunny challenge. How many marshmallows could we fit into our mouths and say the phrase “Im ____ ____ and you’re listening to 100.7 Mix Fm” Check out the pictures and listen to the whole thing happen after the jump!

Kristen got 5 marshmallows! 

and I got 6!



How many M & M’s can you put in a glass using chopsticks in 20 seconds! 


I got the amazing number of 4!

Kristen got 8 …look at that focus!



Shaving a balloon without it popping!

We only covered about half of the baloon but she finished it off with time to spare!


As for my balloon… I don’t want to talk about it…


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