Delivery Rooms Should Always Have…

Giving birth is ruff, but it’s better with man’s best friend! Or in this case, pregnant woman’s best friend!

A woman at a British hospital was allowed to take her pet pooch into the maternity ward with her so it could watch her give birth! She submitted a request form to St. Michael’s Hospital in Bristol because apparently the Labrador, named Barney, has a “calming presence.”

Barney was on hand for the entire birth, along with the woman’s partner and a midwife. Nurses and doctors were reportedly appalled by the dog’s presence, but hospital managers justified the decision because Barney is a certified “therapy dog.”

I think I am going to need a Egyptian cotton sheets on my bed and as soon as I give birth I will need a large cheeseburger and an extra large glass of wine!

What do you wish was allowed in the delivery room?


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