Fly The Un-friendly Skies

Not sure I can get on an airplane after this!

A flight attendant is airing out some dirty in-flight secrets! In a blog post, Sara Keagle wrote about all the nasty passenger behavior she and her fellow flight attendants have experienced while on the job.

They’ve seen everything from a passenger pumping breast milk the entire flight to someone leaving a soiled adult diaper in the bathroom.

In one incident, a female passenger used a “ped egg” to give herself a pedicure and then tried to dump her foot shavings in the flight attendant’s trash can. And in another gross occurrence, a first class passenger proved he had no class when he hung his wet, smelly socks over the air vent to dry them. Passengers complained about the smell all the way back in coach! It’s enough to make someone reach for the air sickness bag!

What gross have you seen on an airplane?


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