No Good Deal Goes Unpunished!

Where was this chick when my driveway was covered in ice?

Having your driveway shoveled by a stranger sounds amazing, but it turns out that in real life, seeing a random person tramp up and down your driveway with a potentially murderous weapon is totally creepy.

Susan “The Cleaning Fairy” Warren was originally arrested in November after breaking in to clean a stranger’s home without permission and leaving a bill for $75. She’s now back in the news after having been discovered by police responding to a call about a suspicious female shoveling a driveway in Elyria, Ohio. Warren has been re-arrested on a probation violation.

Although Warren was arrested on the warrant, no charges were brought up for shoveling the snow.

I don’t know about you but I would love it if someone decided to shovel my driveway. I wouldn’t want a bill but if it was free I would take it!

What’s the last good deed someone did for you?


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