This List Will Keep Me Busy!


We’ve got the results from a survey of the 50 MOST COMMON items on people’s BUCKET LISTS.  And the odds are at least a few of these HAVE to be on your list too.

You really ought to get on them.  Because the survey also found that the average person only ever fulfills FIVE of their lifelong goals.  Here are the top 10 most common bucket list items . . .

#1.)  Become a millionaire.

#2.)  Travel the world.

#3.)  See the Northern Lights.

#4.)  Walk the Great Wall of China.

#5.)  Completely pay off your mortgage.

#6.)  Go on the Inca Trail in Peru.

#7.)  See the Seven Wonders of the World.  (–Which, by some definitions, actually includes the Northern Lights, the Great Wall of China, and the Pyramids.)

#8.)  Visit the pyramids in Egypt.

#9.)  Invent something that changes lives.

#10.)  Visit Antarctica.

Some of the other things that made the top 50 are going on an African safari . . . learning an instrument . . . building a house . . . writing a novel . . . gambling in Las Vegas . . . being an extra in a movie . . . and running a marathon.

What’s on your bucketlist? I would like to write a book that ACTUALLY gets published one day!


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