This Kiss Did NOT End Well

Has one of your kisses been worse than mine? Doubt it!

So the other day I got a friend request on Facebook. It was from a guy that I use to date in high school.

We were young and our “dates” mostly consisted of us hanging out with our friends, watching movies or holding hands in the school halls.

It ended kind of weird though…after a year of dating I surprised him with our first kiss. It was in the halls of school and I thought I was being spontaneous and passionate.

That is not how he felt.

He freaked out and dumped me right then and there. I was crushed! We remained friends but that day always haunted me. What did I do wrong? Did my sticky lip gloss turn him off? Were my lips unusually rough? I had so many questions.

Well my questions were answered when I accepted to his friend request. I looked through his pictures and saw his beautiful house, his adorable dogs and his handsome husband! A huh! I thought! It all makes sense now 🙂

What was your worst kissing story? Can’t be any worse than mine!


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