Who Was in The Wrong?

My friend, James, sent me this story the other day. He had a heated exchange with a homeless man and wanted me to share it with you.

 Here is what he said.

“Outside of the deli on 51st and 9th (where we were getting a late night slice of pizza after a few drinks), a homeless man says “Hey, I heard you guys were getting coffee…” I looked at him and said, “No, no coffee, sorry. You can have the crust of my pizza if you want…?” His smile turned cold as he said, “No, actually, I don’t eat half eaten food out of people’s mouths, thank you very much!” I said, “Oh, alright.” He says, “No, it’s not alright, you a-hole…” which is when I walked away and went home to my HOUSE. WITH my crust. Sorry I offended you, but last time I checked, you were HOMELESS and would have probably enjoy a really great crust of pizza from a nice guy on the street. Beggars can’t be choosers? Yes, I think that applies. Quite literally.”

Who do you think has the right to be offended? Was my friend an insensitive jerk or is the other man too picky and should accept what is offered to him?

The cat eating a slice of pizza has nothing to do with this story but I thought I would include it because…well…it’s cute.


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