Life’s Deep Questions Uncovered

There are certain mysteries in life that unite us all. You will never guess what kinds of questions we want answered.

Yeah . . . this seems like a pretty accurate look at what unanswered questions are REALLY bothering mankind on a daily basis. It’s not “where did we come from?” or “why are we here?” Nope . . . it’s all about sex and vanity.

– asked readers to submit THE biggest unanswered question on their minds. They left it open-ended, so people could submit any question they could think of. And these three questions got the most votes:
#3.) When did mankind figure out that sex causes babies?
#2.) Why do we all hate the sound of our voice on a recording?
#1.) Why do rich and famous women always sunbathe topless?

–They’ve done this survey in the past as well. Here are some of the top unanswered questions from previous years . . .
–Why are smart people usually ugly
–Could mankind blow up the moon?
–Why do boys like sticks so much?
–If a Siamese twin commits a murder, does his brother get punished too?
–What’s the most disloyal dog breed?
–Why don’t we drop medical waste into volcanoes?
–Can a bar of soap get dirty?

Have you been pondering an unanswered question? Tell us about it!


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