Feel Good Moment of the Day

Look into these baby kitten’s eyes and TELL THEM you are doing your best to help them! Feel like a jerk now? Meet Evan, who is doing more for them then you EVER could.

There’s a 10-year-old boy in Philadelphia named Evan, and three years ago he adopted a cat named Macha from a local cat rescue shelter called City Kitties.

After seeing the shelter, he decided he wanted to help out.  So he donated a bunch of allowance he’d saved . . . $46.75 . . . and told them, quote, “I saved this money to help you help cats.”

And each of the last three years, Evan has done the same thing.  He’s gotten a raise in his allowance . . . so his donation has gone up.  He gave $63 in 2010 . . . $97 in 2011 . . . and $110 last year.  He also convinced his parents to match his donation.

Evan sends a handwritten letter with each donation, and they’ve all been posted online.  People were so moved by his gesture that they’ve donated in his name.

City Kitties gets hundreds of dollars in donations each year from people who saw Evan’s letters . . . and shelters in Arizona, Tennessee, California, and Canada have also gotten donations in his name.


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