Is The New “Cyber-Bullying”?

Do you feel “shamed” by other girls on the internet? I look into a new meme that some are saying is the new “cyber-bullying.”

I know this has been around for awhile but I just discovered the “Hey Girls, did you know that…” meme. I was looking at a few of the pictures and I will admit it, I was laughing.

I decided to keep searching and I found an article from Good Morning America that talked about this craze and how it is now being referred to as “slut-shaming.” I was stunned! I thought that most of these memes were immature and creative but there were a few that provided a positive message.

I began to feel bad because I HATE cyber bullies and I always try to encourage safe internet use but here I was liking this new trend. I thought I would ask you what you thought.

Are these pictures just another way for girls to “shame” other girls? Is it cyber-bullying or are these messages some young girls need to hear? Let me know what you think and we will talk about it on the show tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Is The New “Cyber-Bullying”?

  1. It’s whatever people want them to be, like all memes. Self expression?
    It could be negative or meaningless slut shame, a moral, a joke.

    I don’t like to tell guys I play x-box because most of the time they act like I pretend to like it to get them to like me..? Then my lack of shooter skill only “proves their point” somehow… So when I see things like that I get upset because games are for everyone.

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