Feel Good Moment of the Day

If you had a million dollars would you still go to work? This woman does and her job is unbelievable!

53-year-old Yu Youzhen of Wuhan City in Central China is a real-estate developer.

She made a fortune selling land to the government in 1998 and currently owns 17 apartments and is worth more than $1.5 million.

But six days a week, Yu gets up at 3:00 A.M. and goes to work . . . for the sanitation department . . . as a street cleaner.

She rides around the city on a bicycle and picks up litter from the ground.  She’s done it for the last 15 years . . . and she does it for a salary of $227 a month.

Why does Yu do it?  Because she has a son and daughter and she wants to teach them the value of hard work.  She said, quote, “I want to set an example . . . A person can’t just sit at home and eat away a whole fortune.”


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