What’s Your “Un-Girly” Guilty Pleasure?

I would like to consider myself a “girly-girl” but I was talking with my girlfriends the other day and we started talking about some “un-girly” guilty pleasures! Check out what we came up with!

1) Hating chick flicks! Bring on a good action or comedy!

2) Sometimes we just want to sit around in sweats with no make-up on our face!

3) We like driving fast sportscars too!

4) My friend Samantha admitted that she loves to spit!

5) My friend Jennie reads Spiderman comics.

6) Sometimes we can take on a whole pizza.

7) Burping.

8) Swearing.

9) Sports aren’t just for the guys! We like to jump into a good pick up game.

10) Playing video games. (The Princess isn’t going to save herself!)

Do you have an “un-girly” guilty pleasure? If so, what is it?


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