10 Fashion Trends That Should End NOW!

Thankfully I am not guilty of any of these BUT I was surprised by #8. I thought those were so cute!

1. Claw Nails.

Claw nails

Thank you, Lana Del Rey, for introducing this potentially eye-gouging, terrifying nail trend to the country this year. Having the ends of your hands sculpted into sharp weapons sounds like a recipe for disaster.

2. Blue Hair.

Blue Hair.

Seapunk may or may not have been real, and some might argue it was over months ago but somehow the youth of America insists on still doning blue hair of all shades to this day.

3. The “Skrillex” haircut.

The "Skrillex" haircut.

Friends don’t let friends shave one side of their heads. Seriously, do you know how hard those are to grow out?

4. Candy Raver Wear.

Candy Raver Wear.

Bright hair, bright clothes, lollipops and piles of plastic bracelets can only mean one thing: the rave scene is back and it’s worse than ever.

5. Studs on everything.

Studs on everything.

Much like the claw nails above, we can’t image this trend didn’t result in a few scratches and unpleasant pokes. Ouch!

6. The hashtag that wouldn’t die.

The hashtag that wouldn't die.

You might only live once, but there is apparently no limit on how many hundreds of times you can use and overuse #YOLO. This trend somehow leaked into the fashion world, big time, with dozens of different t-shirt styles emblazoned with “the motto.”

7. The bratop.

The bratop.

Not quite a bra, but not quite a top either, the bratop was 2012’s update on 2011’s crop top trend. If things keep going this way we’ll just be wearing our bras on the outside of our clothes next year.

8. Beetlejuice pants.

Beetlejuice pants.

Black and white striped pants have been around for decades, but the impossible-to-pull-off zebra garment saw a resurgence in popularity this year in both legging and jean form.

9. Jumpsuits.


Jumpsuits seem to rear their funky heads on trend roundups every few years, and people continue to look really, really awkward in them. Hopefully this will be the last year we try to make them look good.

10. Sky-high platforms.

Sky-high platforms.

It’s all fun and games until someone rolls an ankle.


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