Creepy Parents Ordered Away From Daughter

creep picresized_1357124065_creep

In an unusual case, an Ohio judge has ordered the stalking parents of Aubrey Ireland to stay more than 500 feet away from her.

Ireland, a senior in the prestigious College-Conservatory​ of Music, has experienced great musical success and good grades – even earning her a spot on the Dean’s list. Despite her achievements, her parents often drove 600 miles from Leawood, Kan., to visit their daughter unannounced. They accused her of using illegal drugs, of promiscuity and suffering from mental woes. They showed up at her school, followed her around, and placed tracking software on her cell phone and computer. Because of their ongoing uninvited presence and harassment of their daughter on campus, the university hired security guards to keep them out of their daughter’s performances. Ireland has also accused her parents of assault, which they deny.

The college senior eventually sought a civil stalking order – which an Ohio judge recently awarded – to keep her parents away from her after they went to UC and told her college administrators they could seek to have her taken in for mental evaluations.

Do you agree with the judge’s order? At what point does your rights over your child end?


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