Kristen’s Quickies

Kanye West,  Kim Kardashian


Guess who is pregnant?! Okay…seriously? Look at the picture…nothing? Wow.

Kim Kardashian’s pregnant with Kanye West’s baby. Kayne announced it on stage Sunday night in Atlantic City by simply asking the crowd, “Can we make some noise for my baby mama right quick?” She is apparently 12 weeks along…and legally still married to Kris Humphries.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was hospitalized Sunday after doctors discovered a blood clot. It was discovered during a follow-up exam related to a concussion she suffered this month.

Lindsay Lohan will be celebrating the New Year in London and some say it’s because she is filming “Celebrity Big Brother”. A rep for Lohan says this is not true and will be back in the U.S. Soon.

Robin Roberts will not re-join the “Good Morning America” staff until May at the earliest, and more probably June, 2013. Robin’s medical issues make an earlier return way too risky, because her immune system is extremely weak.

Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila have announced the name of their new born son. Livingston Alves McConaughey was born at 7:43am on 12.28.12.

Just five days after she confirmed on Twitter that’s she pregnant with her second child, Jessica Simpson is proudly showing off her baby bump. She tweeted a shot of herself wearing a bikini and an open beach wrap that allowed her to put her bare pregnant belly on display.

This has not been Katt Williams year! Williams was arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment

Katie Holmes’ latest Broadway run is ending early. The play, Dead Accounts, will close seven weeks ahead of schedule due to low ticket sales.


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